Anticipatory Action

A new blog series by MapAction’s InnovationLab exploring how preparedness and readiness in the humanitarian sector can help create resilience vis-a-vis future hazards.

Anticipatory action (AA) is a humanitarian term. We will use the Red Cross definition below:

“A set of actions taken to prevent or mitigate potential disaster impacts before a shock or before acute impacts are felt. The actions are carried out in anticipation of a hazard impact and based on a prediction of how the event will unfold. Anticipatory actions should not be a substitute for longer-term investment in risk reduction and should aim to strengthen people’s capacity to manage risks.”

World Disaster Report 2020, IFRC

Additional resources

February 2022: Press Release: IDF partners with MapAction and Start Network to support their efforts in eight climate-vulnerable countries

November 2023: PRESS RELEASE: 7 Country Missions Completed Successfully as Part of Phase 1 Programme for Anticipatory Action and Disaster Risk Reduction

This work is kindly supported by the German Federal Foreign Office (GFFO) and the Insurance Development Forum (IDF).