Our 2022 annual report

MapAction aims to maximise the impact and cost effectiveness of humanitarian assistance.

MapAction volunteer in Haiti after the earthquake

We do this by collaborating with our partners to apply mapping, data analysis and geospatial insight to understand and communicate complex crisis situations.

Our starting point is to deliver value-for-money within our own operations, by using volunteers to deliver the bulk of our services.

Our full Annual Report and Audited Accounts for 2022 can be viewed below.

“Our vision is for ‘a world where no one is left behind where data could have helped’. If you share it, please join us in working towards it, in whatever way you can.”
Nick Moody, Chair of MapAction

Our 2021 annual report

Our full Annual Report and Audited Accounts for 2021 can be viewed below.

Take a look at some of the highlights from our 2021 Annual Report in the StoryMap below (or view it in full screen).

Previous years’ annual accounts: