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Humanitarian emergencies often strike without warning, destroying lives and livelihoods within a matter of seconds. In the immediate aftermath, the challenge for those responding is to know where to start.

Information is vital.

A few pedestrians walking along a dusty track through an urban landscape devastated by an earthquake
450Earthquake damage in Sulawesi, Indonesia, October 2018

Which area has been worst affected? Where are the most vulnerable people? What has happened to roads, railways and communication networks? Where are medical supplies and where are they needed most?

MapAction works across the globe to ensure disaster response teams have
access to the maps and data they need whenever they’re needed to answer these and other critical questions. As well as helping to prepare for emergencies before they happen, our team of expert volunteers is ready to respond to disasters in-country or remotely, anywhere in the world and at very short notice, to provide life-saving maps and data to help deliver the right aid to the right places, quickly.

Since 2003, MapAction has been applying expertise in geographical information and data to make humanitarian disaster response as effective as possible, saving many thousands of lives in the process.

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“The best information we could get in the chaos of the Idai response was YOUR map of health facilities with GPS and full name in a concise map. Thank you for that and all your fantastic work! Your presence in any disaster is really important and it is amazing what you are doing, knowing that you’re are making your incredible contribution as volunteers.”

Axel Schmidt, Emergency Response Coordinator, ASB (German international NGO) and Sphere Focal Point, Germany. Cyclone Idai response, Mozambique, April 2019