Our team

Staff and volunteers at MapAction’s annual disaster simulation event in Scotland in May 2023.

Meet some of MapAction’s team members

MapAction’s work depends on a group of skilled and dedicated volunteers, supported by our staff and trustees. In their day jobs, these volunteers work in a range of fields from Antarctic surveying to zoological research.

Our 70+ volunteer members undertake emergency and planned missions worldwide, without fee. Although our volunteers are mainly based in or near the UK, we do have volunteers from the Caribbean and elsewhere. 

Volunteers are carefully selected and join with strong GIS, data science or software development skills, and MapAction equips them with all the additional knowledge and competences they need to function effectively in humanitarian contexts.

Interested in joining our team? A close up of the MapAction logo on the back of a tee shirt worn by a volunteer

We currently recruit volunteers once a year, see our volunteer recruitment page for more information.

We hope the below gives you information regarding what it means to volunteer with MapAction and how to go about applying. However if you would like further information and/or if you would like to speak to a member of the team or a current volunteer, please contact us to set up a call.