Stichting MapAction Netherlands

Policy Plan: Stichting MapAction Netherlands

The activities of the ANBI

Stichting MapAction Netherlands is established to promote the use of geospatial analysis in humanitarian action to enable efficient and effective decision making.  This reflects the purpose of MapAction and therefore Stichting MapAction Netherlands contributes to MapAction’s overall strategic plan namely:

·         Addressing gaps in the coverage MapAction provides to humanitarian emergencies.

·         Building resilience by improving the quality of aid.

·         Building humanitarian sector technical capacity.

·         Ensuring a stable and resilient capability base for MapAction.

Currently, Stichting MapAction Netherlands contributes to the above through a focus on data science specifically although in the future this may expand. Activities include:

1.       The provision of data analytics to anticipate humanitarian emergencies globally.

2.       Using data science to assess the impact of aid for recipients.

3.       Modelling to enhance understanding of Covid-19 in humanitarian contexts.

4.       Identifying data gaps through automation of data collection services for specific countries.

5.       Disseminating learning through documentation and conferences with others working with data in the humanitarian sphere.

These activities are evolving activities as the work of our Data Scientist with the Centre for Humanitarian Data in the Hague develops.

The manner in which ANBI will raise funds

Funds are raised through the Fundraising and Marketing team of MapAction. The team reaches out to potential governmental donors, trusts and foundations, major donors, and corporations to identify suitable funding opportunities. As our presence and Data Science programme grows in the Netherlands we will identify more European trusts and foundations to approach. Applications are made after receiving an indication of interest and according to donor requirements. As MapAction and Stichting MapAction Netherlands are niche organisations in terms of the products and services provided to the humanitarian community, we do not use mass marketing approaches or put much focus on fundraising with the public as this is not cost effective. Our fundraising is therefore specialist and focuses where there is clear donor interest,

MapAction is registered with the UK’s Fundraising Regulator and has information on our website should any member of the public wish to make a complaint about our fundraising.

How funds and assets will be managed

Funds are received into MapAction’s UK Euro account when MapAction claims for expenditure incurred against contract agreements.  Currently, the contract is held between MapAction and the German Federal Foreign Office (until December 31 2022). MapAction reports to the donor on the activities of Stichting MapAction Netherlands on a quarterly basis. There are no assets associated with the grant except for a laptop. This is registered on MapAction’s asset register on behalf of Stichting MapAction Netherlands.

The Finance department of MapAction comprise a Business & Finance Director, a Grants Finance Officer and a Finance Officer responsible for payroll, audit, compliance and invoicing. The Business and Finance Director reports to the Chief Executive who reports to MapAction’s Board of Trustees on progress of the work of Stichting MapAction Netherlands quarterly. The Chair and Treasurer of MapAction are also representatives on the Board for Stichting MapAction Netherlands.

How funds and assets will be allocated/spent

Funds are based on the budget agreed between MapAction and its donors. and are allocated to

·         Direct salary costs of the Head of Data Science.

·         Costs of maintaining a presence in the Hague: desk space at the Humanity Hub, registration and annual fees, legal advice.

·         A proportion of the direct support salary costs of the Technical, Finance, Fundraising and Management teams.

·         A proportion of the direct support costs of MapAction’s online presence in order to distribute the work of the Data Scientist on behalf of Stichting MapAction Netherlands.

·         When Covid permits, transport costs for meetings between members of MapAction and Stichting MapAction Netherlands, and for other meetings in Europe associated with the work of MapAction and Stichting MapAction Netherlands.

·         The only asset is the laptop that is allocated to the Data Scientist.

Financial Report

MapAction based in the UK will be the main donor for Stichting MapAction Netherlands.  

MapAction has received a grant from the GFFO (German Federal Foreign Office) for a number of projects, one of which is to set up a Foundation within the Hague at the Humanitarian Data Centre, where we will employ a Data Scientist.

All costs related to this will be supported by MapAction and donations will be transferred to Stichting MapAction Netherlands on a quarterly basis to cover all operational and staff costs. This will be an ongoing agreement between MapAction and Stichting MapAction Netherlands.

Stichting MapAction Remuneration Policy

What and how pay decisions are made affects the recruitment and retention of high quality staff and therefore influences the success of MapAction’s programme work.  MapAction’s reward philosophy underpins our reward strategies, governs the reward policy and provides the foundation for the principles which determine how the reward processes operate.  In this way, it helps inform what will and will not be included in the remuneration packages and the timing and conditions for any changes in pay.  The philosophy and principles affect the reward of staff across the whole of MapAction irrespective of location, team or funding source.  

Stitchting MapAction Board members do not receive any remuneration from the foundation but may claim the direct cost of travel expenses for attending board meetings upon submission to satisfactory evidence. The current board members are either trustees or employed by MapAction , a charity registered in England & Wales, in executive functions and receive remuneration for that function in line with MapAction’s remuneration policy. 

For the staff, the maximum remuneration of individual personnel is always in reasonable proportion to the seniority of their position.  The pay  is updated annually in line with inflation and applied to all staff. There is one paid member of staff in the Hague, a Data Scientist who is part time and employed under Dutch Labour Law.

Formal Information including contact details

The Legal Entities and Partnerships Information Number (RSIN) or tax number: 861616273

Contact details of the Institution: The Hague Humanity  Hub, Fluwelen Burgwal 58, 2511 CJ, The Hague, The Netherlands

Names of Directors: Steven Harper , Elizabeth Hughes, Nicholas Moody