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We're continuing to support #humanitarian efforts relating to Ukraine.
We've seconded a team member to #map and analyse #data and information relating to the many humanitarian needs and responses in the country.

➡️Read more on our website:

When our former Trustee, Anne Kemp @ACKEMPO was diagnosed with cancer, she embarked on an epic journey, with friends and family. We are honoured that she has chosen to fundraise for @mapaction. Find out about her inspiring journey and how to support her:

We have partnered with @mapaction & @StartNetwork to support efforts in 8 climate-vulnerable countries. This is part of our commitment to the @EarlyActionREAP, which aims to make 1 billion people safer by #2025. Find out more about it here: #ProtectionGap

Thanks to everyone who joined our sessions at #HNPW. @MapAction volunteer, Nick McWilliam joined a panel discussion with the H2H partnership network discussing our work delivering #Covid vaccines. Volunteer Alan Mills hosted a panel session with CSO partners at #HNPW22. 4

Happening now🇨🇭💪🏽A Great👍🏼discussion of #Data in #AnticipatoryAction: data requirements, data responsibility and operational application w @fao @humdata @leo_milano_ @JTeran2000 @ifrc @LukeCaley @mapaction @UNDRR @PDC_Global @disasteraware @wxpizza @Shanna_McClain @LEP_HNPW #HNPW 4

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