While emergencies cannot be accurately predicted, steps can be taken to mitigate the impact and make communities more resilient.

MapAction volunteer works with partners on preparedness in Sri Lanka

MapAction runs a range of preparedness projects that complement our rapid deployment capability. Specific projects seek to ensure that both MapAction and our partners can respond more quickly and improve information sharing in difficult operational contexts.

Projects, such as our recent web mapping development project, also ensure that technology is adapted to the demanding environments in which MapAction teams operate.

MapAction’s disaster preparedness activity is cost effective, trains others in mapping and data management methodologies, saves time and enables a wider base of people to provide maps in an emergency.

Web mapping
In many humanitarian situations internet connectivity can be lost, making it difficult to share information. MapAction has been developing a specialist web mapping facility, meaning users will be able to access situation maps using just a browser on their laptop, tablet or smartphone over a local wireless network – even when internet access is not available.

“We’ve had an awakening as to what GIS data can be used for.”

MapAction partner and training participant