USAID Bureau of Humanitarian Affairs (BHA)

MapAction’s partnership with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Bureau for Humanitarian Affairs (BHA) dates back to 2017.

The programme aims to deepen the impact and effectiveness of humanitarian information management and effectiveness by working alongside local, regional and international organisations to share and develop appropriate GIS, GIM and data practices through local preparedness, anticipatory action and emergency response activities. It has helped MapAction to develop a growing localisation offer.

It has seen MapAction develop mutual learning partnerships with a growing list of regional agencies including CDEMA (Caribbean), AHA Centre (SE Asia) and CESDRR (Central Asia). In addition it has enabled MapAction to build relationships with a range of CSOs (Civil Society Organisations).

USAID BHA have also supported the ongoing recruitment and ongoing training of MapAction’s Deployable Team, the group of 70+ volunteers and standby personnel who deploy in support of humanitarian emergencies world-wide. This team also supports work across all MapAction’s humanitarian programmes.

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