MapAction Emergency Humanitarian Mapping Response Appeal – £105k needed ASAP

Union Island, St Vincent an the Grenadines, where 98% of buildings were reportedly destroyed. Photo: Tony Giles, MapAction.

MapAction needs new funding to respond to the estimated scale of global disasters in 2024, particularly in the Caribbean – where Hurricane Beryl is already wreaking devastation – and Asia.

Hurricane Beryl continues to leave devastation throughout the Caribbean. As information floods in, agencies like the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), that is coordinating the response, need to understand the data coming from more than a dozen affected islands. MapAction members are on the ground supporting them by making maps: which communities are worst affected; where are emergency shelters, which roads and critical infrastructure have been damaged. These are just some of the key data points that MapAction’s team quickly maps to ensure support and aid goes where it is most needed.

“CDEMA and MapAction have been working together for many years responding to disasters while learning to be able to better respond to future disasters. When an event like Hurricane Beryl happens, CDEMA makes the call to MapAction because they will deploy specialist teams that understand what we need, and can make an immediate impact on how CDEMA and its regional and international partners provide aid to disaster affected countries.”

Renee Babb, GIS Specialist, Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA)
Carriacou, Grenada, after Hurricane Beryl. Photo: Lavern Ryan, MapAction.

Maps help decision-makers to save lives when disasters strike. Risk and impact can quickly be assessed; aid and support sent to where it is most needed. But deploying teams from our team of 70+ experienced humanitarian mappers costs money. We have been able to deploy teams so far to Grenada and St Vincent and the Grenadines thanks to support from the German Federal Foreign Office’s Fund for Humanitarian Assistance. We need more for future responses, in what is predicted to be an exceptional hurricane season.

Nobody can predict the exact number of disasters where our help will be requested. What we know is that the climate emergency is driving an increase in the number of natural disasters; hurricanes, typhoons, floods, droughts, conflict and much more. We are limited in the requests we can respond to.

What is MapAction? Short video intro

Can you support us to provide decision-makers with key insights during what is expected to be a busy ‘hurricane season’ in the Caribbean?

MapAction’s ability to do this emergency response work depends on you.

That is why we are launching an Emergency Response Appeal. Help us to get aid to the people who need it most.