MapAction 2023 Appeal!

For many, the Christmas festive season is a period to wind down and spend time with family. Many of us at MapAction are lucky enough to be doing the same. But natural disasters often don’t follow a schedule and that is why a team of MapAction volunteers deployed last-minute this Christmas to support the UN response to floods in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in Southern Africa. More than 169 people have already died in the floods.

“This is far from our first Christmas response,” says MapAction Income Director Ian Davis, commenting on MapAction’s Christmas 2022 deployment to Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to assist with flood response. In fact, one of MapAction’s first ever deployments was on Boxing Day 2004 when a team of 16 volunteers travelled to Sri Lanka to support the response to a tsunami. Since then, MapAction has been involved in over 130 disaster responses.

MapAction team members on deployment in DRC to support flood response in late December 2022. Photo: UNDAC/MapAction.

“We try to ensure we are able to provide a team whenever requested, 365 days-a-year and our volunteers are incredibly committed to help whenever and wherever they can. They train hard all year to be ready for this kind of crisis,” adds Davis.


At MapAction we budget long term to be able to respond to such crises whenever we are asked and needed. But disasters are by nature unpredictable and do not respect an organisation’s emergency response budget. Climate-driven crises such as the floods in DRC are ever more regular and stretch our ability as an organisation to respond.

That is why we are launching an appeal to help MapAction continue to deploy teams on the frontlines of any emergencies in 2023.  Every donation, of any size, helps us continue the work because each and every deployment relies on donations, which provide the necessary funds to support and deploy our teams. As we enter 2023, those funds are not yet secured.


We’d like to take this opportunity again to thank all our followers and supporters this Christmas.