Responding to seismic activity in Cape Verde

MapAction has sent a volunteer mapping professional to Cape Verde to support the United Nations following seismic activity and the risk that this may stimulate a volcanic eruption.

Between 1-2 August abnormal seismic activity was recorded on the island of Brava, the most southern island of Cape Verde. Scientist and experts are monitoring the situation and have advised that the authorities should be prepared for a possible volcanic eruption. Contingency plans are being drawn up for an evacuation of the island’s 6,000 inhabitants if required.

The Government of Cape Verde has asked partners to be prepared to provide humanitarian and logistical support for affected communities. MapAction’s volunteer will be working in partnership with the United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination team to provide up-to-date situational analysis to support decision-making.

This is MapAction’s first deployment to Cape Verde, however our team provided remote mapping support for volcanic activity on the neighbouring island of Fogo in 2014.


Photo: Alexis Gouin