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About Software Development in MapAction

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MapAction is looking for volunteers to join MapAction’s Software Development Group (SDG). The SDG includes volunteers and staff, whose role it is to support and enhance MapAction’s workflow by supplementing core GIS applications and our websites with customisations and plugins as appropriate.

Within the SDG there is space for volunteers with knowledge about specific GIS customisation suites including both desktop and server based products as well as specialists in web development and web mapping. MapAction is looking for those with experience in working in collaborative software development projects with software development skills such as OO design, software architecture, design patterns, source code management and testing regimes.

Last year we were able to provide professional external coaching to members of the SDG. We are seeking to replicate this in 2018.



  • Three or more years of professional experience working in a software development team, as a developer, tester or other role ideally in a collaborative multi-developer environment.
  • Education to degree level or higher in Computer Science, GIS or a related subject.
  • For desktop development: proven ability in C# and/or Python development ideally with a deep knowledge of at least one of these languages.
  • For web development: proven ability in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and ideally at least one server side language (PHP, Python etc).
  • Experience of or demonstrated willingness to learn testing regimes including unit and regression testing and continuous integration.
  • Good communication skills; listening, speaking and writing.


  • Experience of developing with ESRI’s GIS product suite and other geospatial technology.
  • Experience of participating in a volunteer organisation or open source projects.
  • Knowledge of git, Github or other version control systems.

As with the Technical Circle, Software Developers joining MapAction may not automatically be eligible to join the Deployable Team (i.e. those who travel to emergencies are short notice). Eligibility to join the Deployable Team is based on different criteria to those above. A higher standard of desktop GIS knowledge would be required for the Deployable Team than would be required for Software Development, though this is not the only difference. There is plenty of scope for Technical Circle members to play a valuable role in the organisation whether or not they also deploy.

How do I apply?

Please send us the following by Sunday 25 February 2018.

  1. A covering letter.
  2. Your CV – this should include:
    1. Current work
    2. GIS/geospatial skills and experience
    3. Relevant IT/technical skill and experience
    4. Educational details
    5. Where you live
    6. Languages spoken (we are currently seeking French and Spanish speakers)
    7. Contact details
    8. References
  3. A link to a public code repository you have contributed to (eg a Github profile or similar), or send us a code sample if you are unable to share your code publically for a technical role.

Please email this to by Sunday 25 February 2018.

If you are unsure if you meet the required skills and qualifications, please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to a staff or volunteer member.

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