Millions affected by conflict in Nigeria

As the full extent of the humanitarian crisis affecting northern Nigeria becomes clear, MapAction is helping organisations respond.

It is predicted that more than 14 million people across five states will be in need in 2017 as a result of food shortages and limited access to health care. Over 1 million people are already facing extreme levels of food insecurity and there are growing concerns for the 1.2 million people cut off by fighting between Boko Haram and government troops. Thousands more have fled to government-controlled areas, with some are seeking to return in the hope that they can resume their disrupted lives.

The conflict has disrupted local communities’ ability to farm and trade, compounding an already dangerous situation. Many agencies are warning of devastating levels of acute malnutrition and a high risk of famine.

The situation in northern Nigeria is highly complex and changing. Agencies on the ground need information to target and coordinate their responses now and in the future. The MapAction team has provided vital information management products to humanitarian responders to help them with these important tasks and to prepare them to respond in 2017.

This is an emergency of a deeply concerning scale and the challenges for responders are great. Our volunteers have helped prepare key data to support coordination activity and visualisation of the situation on the ground. This has included training personnel from the United Nations and non-government agencies on how to create their own map products from this and other relevant data. Our training will enable these responders see the full extent of affected areas and pinpoint the most vulnerable people to assist – both now and in the future.

Liz Hughes, Chief Executive

Sources: United Nations