MapAction sends team to Japanese disaster

TOKYO, 14 Mar – MapAction has responded to a request to help in response to the earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan.

A request was received via the United Nations for a MapAction team to travel to Tokyo. A UN disaster support team has just flown out to assist the Japanese Government in coordinating international assistance. The MapAction team will provide mapping and information support for the international response effort.

MapAction’s Operations Director, Jonathan Douch, said: “Although the Japanese Government is one of the best prepared in the world for disasters, the scale of this emergency means they will be fully stretched in coordinating their national response. International relief agencies also need up-to-the-minute information on the scene, which is why our help has been asked for.”

The devastating impact of the tsunami is a poignant reminder for MapAction of its first natural disaster mission, in response to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Current maps will be published in the Japan Map Catalogue and additional resources at Japan Resources.