MapAction deploys to floods in Paraguay

ASUNCION, 16 Jun – Two MapAction volunteers have deployed to Paraguay to support the coordination of relief efforts following extensive flooding.

Days of sustained heavy rains have caused the Paraguay and Parana rivers to swell, leading to widespread floods across three departments, including the capital, Asunción. According to reports from the United Nations, approximately 160,000 people have been affected. Rain is forecast to continue to several weeks, so there are concerns that the situation could deteriorate further.

MapAction’s volunteers will initially support the United Nations’ relief efforts from Asunción, but may subsequently travel to other affected areas.

This is the charity’s second deployment to Paraguay, following a response to flooding in 2012. Jonny Douch, MapAction’s Operations Director commented: “With the eyes of the world on Brazil for the World Cup, it is poignant to think that its neighbour is experiencing such devastating floods. Within hours of receiving the request from the United Nations, we had our team selected and operational equipment ready to deploy. I know our volunteer team are looking forward to contributing their mapping expertise to help get people’s lives back together as quickly as possible.”

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