MapAction deploys to Cote d’Ivoire

Picture: ReutersCOTE D’IVOIRE, 11 Apr – Two MapAction team members are en route to Bouake in central Cote d’Ivoire. They are deploying in support of a UN assessment team tasked with obtaining a clear picture of humanitarian needs in the conflict-torn country.

The call to support the United Nations mission came after reported further deterioration of the humanitarian crisis that have been triggered by sustained and intense fighting in the main city Abidjan, and politically motivated violence in other parts of the country.

The UN and MapAction team are travelling via Accra in Ghana and then on to Bouake where a humanitarian coordination hub is being established. MapAction’s chief executive Nigel Woof, who is one of the team of two deploying, said: “More than three quarters of a million people are reportedly displaced so far. Many people attempting to flee, into the west particularly, are in need of protection from human rights violations, as well as has having other basic needs – food, clean water and medical care. We will help to build a clearer view of where these people are now, and are moving to, so that vital aid can reach them.”

This is MapAction’s third emergency mission this year so far, having completed deployments in North Africa and Japan in March.

Up to date situational maps can be found in the Cote d’Ivoire Map Catalogue and further resources in Cote d’Ivoire Resources.

Picture: REUTERS