MapAction Appeal – COVID-19

We need to act now to minimise the impact of the Coronavirus on those least able to survive it. We need your support to do this.

Unlike other humanitarian crises, this pandemic will touch almost everyone on earth. As ever, it will be the poorest people and communities who suffer the worst impacts. MapAction is working hard to reduce the suffering.

For communities already under stress from pre-existing emergencies, the pandemic is having severe consequences and reducing their resilience to future crises. The effects will be felt now, and on into the future impacting every aspect of people’s lives.

MapAction now more than ever is at the heart of the response. We are already providing our highly skilled and experienced humanitarian GIS personnel to key agencies and governments across a range of global and regional initiatives.

Help us shape the world's response

MapAction’s services are in great demand – and will continue to be so for some time

We continue to receive requests for support. We are helping global, regional and national organisations quickly to identify, manage and analyse emerging data in order to continuously adjust their COVID-19 response activities for maximum effect.

This is vital work, helping to ensure humanitarian decision-makers around the world have the information and insights they need to ensure aid gets to where it’s most needed and has the biggest impact.

At a time when governments everywhere must help their own citizens and economies through this unprecedented global crisis, international aid will be in short supply. It is more important than ever that scarce resources are used as effectively as possible. MapAction can help that to happen.

Our own fundraising activities have inevitably been impacted by the lockdown, just when our support is needed more than ever.

Please help us to battle the effects of coronavirus on the world’s most vulnerable communities, if you can.