Join the MapAction team in 2017

MapAction’s annual recruitment round for talented volunteers has kicked off again this January. We are looking for people to join our team with skills in GIS, information management, software development and IT administration. Every year we select from over one hundred applicants to find volunteers with the right combination of professional skills and experience, an ability to be part of a team, problem solvers, and leaders who can further the aims of the organisation.

MapAction is most often recognised for its expertise in GIS and information management.  Software development and IT administration is a core part of our work too, often behind the scenes but vital to ensure our readiness to respond to emergencies globally. We work in a technically innovative and competitive institutional environment so it is important we stay up to date. Volunteers make recommendations on technical policy concerning the maintenance and evolution of our technical and IT capability. They also ensure the organisation has the skills and support needed to be successful in its aim of delivering spatial information to humanitarian responders as quickly as possible. Volunteers who join our Software development group adapt core GIS applications and our websites to ensure efficient production of those information products. As the humanitarian context changes, our workflows need to keep up and adapt to the emerging needs of the humanitarian community. Volunteers with the Software development group help MapAction achieve that goal. Typically they will bring a range of skills from their day jobs including collaborative software development projects such as software architecture, design patterns, source code management, analytics, and testing regimes.

Our recruitment process assesses these skills with shortlisted applicants. We also assess GIS capability for those seeking to be a deployable GIS specialist. It is important that we provide potential volunteers with a good understanding of how the organisation works during the recruitment process and what level of commitment is needed. So recruitment is not one way. It also gives the potential volunteer an opportunity to decide if MapAction is right for them.  Applications close on 31 January. Click here for full details on becoming a volunteer and how to apply.