Alexander Armstrong presents MapAction’s Radio 4 Appeal

MapAction is delighted to have been granted a Radio 4 Appeal on Christmas Day which will be presented by comedian, actor, singer and television presenter, Alexander Armstrong.

Below you can see a preview of Alexander talking about his motivations for supporting MapAction and his family link to our work in the Ebola crisis of 2014.

The appeal itself will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 (FM 92.4-94.6, LW 198) at 07:54 in the morning and repeated at 18:56 that evening. It will be available on the BBC Radio 4 website from Christmas Day onwards, and there will a final broadcast of the appeal on Radio 4 at 15:27 on Thursday 29 December.

Through MapAction I have learnt how much more there is contained within a map and how absolutely vital they are in the face of humanitarian crises.

Alexander Armstrong

Please do tune in for our appeal on Christmas Day and donate generously. And tell your friends and family too!