Sourcing & preparing data

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We can help with:

Preparedness & anticipatory action:

  • Country/regional data preparedness – acquiring and preparing the best-available data, ensuring it is immediately usable in the event of a humanitarian crisis
  • Data deep dives – researching in depth the quality and availability of data and information available on a specific topic
  • Data quality assessments – evaluating available data, identifying gaps and quality issues and proposing solutions
  • Processing data – preparing authoritative reference data (Common Operational Datasets and other bespoke data packages) for use by non-data-specialists
  • Survey design – formulating effective data-collection surveys in Kobo or Survey 123
  • Information management consultancy – advising on appropriate technologies and tools to store and manage data.

Emergency response:

  • Event-specific data sourcing – particularly where we have previously sourced and prepared relevant data
  • Design of event-specific data-collection mechanisms – e.g. structuring aerial assessments of disaster areas.

We can also work with you to provide:


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